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Responsive Website Design (RWD)

What is responsive design?

In short, responsive website design is just what it sounds like: it allows your site to respond directly to the device that it is being viewed on. The result is an optimal viewing experience for smartphone, tablet and desktop computer users alike.

Studies show that 46% of mobile users report having difficulty interacting with a webpage – and 44% complain that navigation was difficult. A responsive site helps to ensure that users are more likely to stay on your site, rather than to give up and head to a competitor’s. Responsive design also means one URL and one set of content, which makes site management and updates easier. It is also recommended by Google, meaning that it can be better for search engine optimization.

If you are designing a new website, or thinking about a redesign, consider going responsive.

Simply put, responsive design (RWD) is a layout that will automatically adapt to different screen sizes. This means that if you are looking at the page on a desktop browser at a normal width, you will see a slightly different layout then if you were looking at it on a tablet or a smaller mobile device.

Fast-loading, mobile-first, optimized sites are the wave of the future. And the future is under way. Is your brand ready?

Benefits of responsive web design

  • Less expensive to maintain.
  • Single code base.
  • Improved SEO.
  • Single URL for all devices.
  • Consistent experiences across all devices.

Challenges of responsive web design

  • Pages are more time consuming to create.
  • They require new content management workflows.
  • They require new image optimization processes.
  • Minimal support for responsive web design in e-commerce for merchandizing or visualization.
  • Responsive web design doesn't play well with external widgets.
  • Prototyping and testing is more complex.


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