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Quality vs. Price

As small businesses struggle to get a foothold on survival in the economic downturn no one wants to discuss, where does that leave you while trying to promote your business and stay afloat? As you know, the options are endless to garner a web presence. However, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. Most of the time anyway. As far as a new graphic design / website design goes, there are free options, close to free options, student labor rates, recent graduate labor rates, cheap rates, competitive rates, and "I could send my kid to college with that price tag!"

If you randomly select five graphic design / website design development vendors across the United States, chances are, you'll receive five bids that each perfectly fit into the above categories. So, what do you do? Go with the cheapest? Seems right, but let's take a minute to work through…

With free options or close to free options, you'll need help implementing them. More than likely, you'll enlist a high school, college, or recent college graduate with limited professional experience to help you out. The limited professional experience is a little red flag that should help you decide very quickly not to invest the time or financial resources in that person. Even if they offer to do it "FREE" or close to it, walk away.

I can't tell you the number of times people have called AArt Design in a panic because their FREE option didn't hold up their end of the deal – they missed their deadline and they have no one there to hold their feet to the fire. Calls went unreturned. E-mails unanswered. And you find yourself firmly placed on the really hot back burner… and it's boiling all your potential business away…

Where does that leave us in the list? We have cheap, competitive, and four-year college tuition equivalents. When evaluating and researching the cheap vendors, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do they provide designs that stand out above my competition or do all their designs look alike?
  • Do they have satisfied clients?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Will they be here tomorrow after I pay my half down?
  • Do they have a proven track record of staying on time and on budget?

While each question is vitally important to your decision, the last question is imperative! Your cheap vendors might start out that way, but after tagging on all the "extras," they just might end up as a college tuition vendor in sheep's clothing.

Unless you have a HUGE budget, chances are the latter vendor is out. Even if you do have that huge budget, consider matching the competitive vendors with the college tuition vendors. You'll find that they can provide the same Cadillac product at a nice little mid-sized SUV price. That extra dough can get you additional marketing and advertising opportunities, including design pieces that will just move your company further along – instead of theirs.

Where does AArt Design fall? Anseri runs her business pricing strategy according to her Grandfather's wise advice. According to the late Floyd Kennell, "You don't want the cheapest or the most expensive house on the block. For the best return on your investment, you want to choose what's in between."

As you can see from my website portfolio, my client base is literally nationwide. My company has been around for a while. Earlier this year, I celebrated our 30th year in business.

AArt Design form a partnership with her clients. If they succeed, I succeed. My pricing structure is extremely competitive in the marketplace. Sometimes I price higher than others, sometimes lower. I remain consistent regardless of the client or the client's pocketbook.

Additionally, AArt Design has produced award-winning designs, pushing our client's image well above their competition.

AArt Design 571 305-3127