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UNIQUE Logo design

Investing in a quality logo design is one of the most important decisions a business can make. This is true for start-ups, established companies and anyone looking to enhance their image and increase their profits. Your logo is the face you present to the world, and it should be unquestionably and uniquely yours.

AArt Design puts branding first

A general rule in branding is that you should be able to express what your company stands for in five words or less. Logos take that message and simplify it further, distilling your brand into a single image. The best logos are simple, clean and memorable. They evoke an emotional response that is relevant to your industry and gives your prospects the right first impression. This impression is critical in establishing trust and building a good business relationship.

Logo design the right way

A good logo is, at the same time, both simple and expressive. Since your logo may the only piece of information a potential client has about you, it must tell the right story and be a powerful representation of quality and professionalism.

Unfortunately, many businesses are reluctant to make an investment in their logo design, preferring instead to look for a cheap, or even free solution. Online resources for "professionally designed" logo templates are easy to find, and they crowd the marketplace with generic graphics that are ready-made for you to slap on your name and go.

However, it is risky to cut corners on such a critical element of your company's identity. Doing so is like starting to build your dream home by first looking for a way to get your foundation poured for free. You just never know how long the structure is going to hold up, and correcting the situation in the future could be much more costly in the long run.

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AArt Design logo design process

AArt Design start the logo design process by talking to you about your company and your objectives. Then, I do research on your audience, your industry and your competition so that we understand what your customers are looking for and how those needs are being met, or neglected, by other businesses in your industry.

Next, a lot of strategic thought, sketching and brainstorming goes into your logo design. By the time your logo options are presented to you, they have gone through several rounds of pencil drawing and revision.

They have then been recreated in digital form, and further modified and pared down to the top few options that you are given from which to select. You may be as involved in the brainstorming and development process as you like until you are satisfied with your finished logo.

With all the visual clutter that consumers are exposed to daily, a well-designed, memorable logo will give you a distinct advantage over your competition.


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